Gospel Ministerial Alliance

        The freedom to seek His understanding!

Who are we.

The Gospel Ministerial Alliance is a non-profit corporation, chartered under the state laws of Texas.
The connection of the GMA affiliates with the corporation shall be in the form of membership only. The GMA is an alliance of nondenominational ministers and their churches. Membership comes by recommendation of a current member only. Applications without a current member's recommendation will not be accepted. Recommendation is shown by the current members signature on the application in the appropriate place.

Rev. Carolyn Sissom of Katy Texas is now our Elder for the Houston area of Texas.

Rev. Dale Frasier pastor of "Christ Life Fellowship" in Belchertown, MA is now our Elder for the state of Massachusetts

Rev. Patti Dahl of Naugatuck CT is now our Elder for the state of Connecticut.


Rev. Joyce Rankin, San Antonio, TX
Rev. D. R. Jackson, Mason, TX
Rev. Lawrence D. Woodworth JR., Dallas TX
Rev. Jose Rivera, Dilly, TX
Rev. Patti Dahl, Naugatuck, CT
Rev. Dale Frasier, Belchertown, MA
Rev. Carolyn Sissom, Katy, TX


President: Rev. Charles N. Hallford
PO BOX 629 Brady, Texas 76825
Phone 325-597-3743
EMAIL gma.biol.fpcc@gmail.com

Vice President: Rev. Joyce Rankin
P.O. BOX 17255 San Antonio, Texas 78217
EMAIL jrankin003@satx.rr.com


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